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Do you live the life?

Dr. Garrett Hauptman asks the important questions...
When we think of Living the Life , many of us probably think of various items or activities associated with financial success. Examples include vacations, luxury cars, beachfront property, and financial independence. Most of us would not relate Living the Life to our daily health decisions. However, our health and the ability to achieve financial success are not only related, but arguably inseparable. Hence, the saying... "No Health, No Wealth".

The Do You Live The Life?™ slogan asks not if you are living a life of financial success, rather, it asks more importantly if you are participating in the necessary activities that will enable you to enjoy the very life you are living. Do You Live The Life?™ challenges us to become proactive individuals and models of the wellness lifestyle. Awareness of our daily decisions is the starting point. What we eat, how we exercise, our posture, the type of medical care we participate in, how we control our stress, how we care for our bodies, and the ability to maintain balance are important pillars of the Do You Live The Life?™ philosophy. Like most things worth having, the rewards of a healthy lifestyle are not attained easily. Yes, it is hard work! It is difficult to maintain a wellness mindset in our "Hurry up...I needed that yesterday" society. Still, the efforts of living well create probabilities that favor disease prevention, vitality, and longevity. All of which will help each of us to experience life at its best, enhancing our personal freedom and diminishing our fears of illness.

The Do You Live The Life?™ philosophy does not endorse a constricted or extremist lifestyle, but one of balance, education, and awareness. Our healthy behaviors should not dilute the experience of life's pleasures. In fact, the very reason that we should eat well, exercise, care for our bodies and minds, and rest is to allow us to enjoy life and maintain function well into our elder years. When considering whethor or not you live the life, ask yourself the below questions.
  • Do you have a doctor that you trust?
  • Do you have good posture?
  • Do you exercise appropriately?
  • Do you have healthy eating habbits?
  • Do you have balanced energy and Chi?
  • Do you live a life free from stress?
If you answer yes to all of them then your answer is "YES", you do live the life! If your answer was "NO" to any of them, then we have the answer for you!

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