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Integrative Medicine
"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."
-Ben Franklin

What is Integrative Medicine?
Integrative Medicine is a safe and effective approach to health care based on the understanding that many factors influence a person's health as well as his or her state of disease. Such factors include genetics, stress, posture, eating habits, lifestyle, environment, family relationships, and even the medical care in which we participate. The emphasis of Integrative Medicine is on identifying the underlying cause or causes of a health condition and then integrating medical treatment with safe and natural alternative treatment options so as to safely manage health issues and at the same time promote health. The experienced medical staff of Fairmount Family Integrative Medicine offers you highly skilled, compassionate, and comprehensive health care.

Cutting-edge medical care
Dr. Stephen Hauptman, our Medical Director, specializes in internal medicine (conditions that involve more than one organ system), immunology (conditions related to the immune system), hematology (conditions related to blood) and infectious disease (conditions that involve bacteria and viruses) and in the his more recent years, Functional Medicine(an evolution in the practice of medicine that addresses your needs by shifting the traditional disease-centered focus of medical practice to a more patient-centered approach in which the whole person is addressed, not just an isolated set of symptoms). He is a Professor of Medicine with admitting privileges at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. Dr. Hauptman and our medical staff have over 50 years of combined expertise, caring for men, woman, children and families. Dr. Stephen Hauptman, and his son, Dr. Garret Hauptman, integrate cutting-edge medical treatment with holistic alternative treatment options. This balance of preventive medicine, with the latest in alternative treatment options, is at the forefront of healthcare.

Your doctor, your healer
Dr. Hauptman and his medical staff take great pride and interest in their patients. The doctor-patient relationship is something that Fairmount Family Integrative Medicine holds in high regard. Our patients’ ability to heal and to participate in their health care greatly depends on their being able to comfortably communicate with their doctor. Dr. Hauptman’s patients truly appreciate his caring style of practicing medicine and consequently trust him to care for their entire family. Dr. Hauptman will be your guide in times of health as well as in times of health crisis and disease.

What kinds of conditions can Integrative Medicine treat?
Integrative Medicine can be used to treat any and all disease states. Because our medical team utilizes conventional medical treatment options along with alternative options, the vast majority of diseases and health concerns can be addressed in a safe and effective way.

Dr. Hauptman’s expertise in so many areas of medicine allows him to provide unsurpassed health care for the majority of his patients' health concerns. The integration of alternative services like chiropractic care, acupuncture, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, and exercise prescription offers his patients natural and safe treatment options to complement the medical care they receive from him.

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