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Stress Management and Massage Therapy
Tired of Feeling Stressed?

What is Massage Therapy?
Massage therapy, or bodywork is the manipulation of the soft tissue structures of the body to prevent pain, discomfort, muscle spasm and stress: and, to promote health and wellness. Massage has been used for centuries as away to help the body heal itself naturally and is now known to be an effective compliment to medical care. Instead of an occasional indulgence, physicians and consumers alike are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of regular massage to manage stress, increase circulation and joint flexibility, relieve pain and a variety of other health concerns.

Why come to Fairmount Family Integrative Medicine for Massage?
Our massage therapist specializes in Swedish massage and is trained in other body work techniques, such as; deep tissue, myofascial release, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology and more. Not only will our massage therapist help you to determine which technique will best suit you, but you will also have a health care practitioner who works closely with a team of doctors and other health care practitioners, making your massage the most healthy experience possible! Our massage therapy combines the healing touch with an integrated and holistic approach to your health.

Where do you feel Stress?
Stress is not only something that you feel when things get a little overwhelming. Stress can be physical, emotional, chemical or a combination of all three! The term stress can be defined as the sum of physical and mental responses to an unacceptable disparity between real or imagined personal experience and personal expectations. In other words, it is a response that includes both mental and physical components. Massage can help you feel better physically by relieving pain from tense muscles, it can promote deeper sleep, increase job performance and decrease mental fatigue. It can also improve immune function and help the body eliminate waste from tissues and cells. Massage restores the individual physically mentally and spiritually.

When should I get a Massage?
Massage therapy is great when you are emotionally charged from a hard day at work, physically worn out from too much exercise, suffering from migraines, trying to quit smoking or just trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle by taking good care of your body. Whether you have chronic back pain, or are simply using it as a way to keep your body working at its best, the benefits of regular massage are endless!

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