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Our Integrated Approach

images/integrated.jpg Our current health care system is unable to adequately support an integrated health model. Many medical doctors and primary care physicians do not support or understand their patient's utilization of complementary services such as Chiropractic or Acupuncture. Therefore, there is little to no communication and / or understanding between the various doctors and health care providers who typically care for a patient. The patients are pulled in many different directions and consequently the level of care that most patients receive is not what they expected. At HFHC we understand the value of an integrated approach to our patients' health care. Our approach is one in which all of the doctors and health care providers work together to improve health and the quality of life. Our integrated approach allows each of our doctors and providers to develop well-rounded health plans. The opportunity exists for every new patient of HFHC to be presented to our Integrated Panel of Providers. This allows the treating doctor or provider to see each case from an integrated perspective and allows him or her to offer well-rounded recommendations. All of our doctors and providers understand their role in the care of our patients and work together to offer comprehensive and integrated health care.

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